VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows students and instructors to access the same computer from any other computer in the world. This virtual system has all the functionality of a standard campus desktop build. With the VDI, you login to one of a group of virtual machines, all of which have an identical set of installed software depending on your access, and are assigned the first available virtual machine.

In order to use the VMWare Horizon Client, you will need to connect to the Missouri S&T VPN. Instructions on how to connect to the VPN can be found on this IT help page.



WARNING: You MUST use a VPN connection if you are connecting from off campus!
You can find more information about how to do this necessary step here:


  • Must be enrolled in a class that will be using virtual desktops.
  • Must be a Missouri S&T student, faculty, or staff member.
  • Users of the VDI are expected to behave in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policies of university-owned computing resources at both Missouri S&T and UM-System.
  • When finished using the VDI, make sure to Disconnect and Logoff, rather than just Disconnect.
    • Simply disconnecting will leave you logged into the VDI, tying up a virtual desktop and preventing someone else from using that resource.
  • DO NOT save data on the virtual machine. Use your allotted network storage instead. Virtual machines are often reset and refreshed. Neither IT nor EdTech are responsible for your data.