ProctorU is used by distance instructors and distance students for creating, scheduling, and taking proctored tests.

ProctorU is a method for taking proctored tests online. The basic steps are to sign up, schedule your exam, and then connect to the proctor.

  • Educational Technology is paying for ALL students exams, up to $65 per student per semester. This will cover 3 one-hour exams plus 1 two-hour exam. 
  • Students MUST sign up for a scheduled exam slot at least 72 hours in advance of the exam.
  • IMPORTANT – When signing up for an exam slot you MUST complete the checkout process, even though will not owe any money (all fees should read $0 – EdTech will receive the bill!). You MUST click PROCESS ORDER for your exam slot to be confirmed!
  • There may be a slight delay (5 – 10 minutes) when connecting with a Proctor. Certain times of the semester (midterms and finals) may experience longer wait times before connecting to a proctor. This is why it is so important to sign up early!

Here is a short tutorial on how ProctorU works:

ProctorU - How it works (for students)


 If you need support, you can contact ProctorU at, visit their website and use the live chat available 24/7, or call them at (855) 772-8678 

ProctorU has a modest list of requirements to run on your system.

The bare requirements are a PC with Windows Vista or a Mac with OSX 10.5 running a web camera with a minimum 640x480 resolution, an internet connection faster than .768 Mbps, and at least 1 GB of RAM. You will also need Adobe Flash Player v12 and Adobe Shockwave Player. You will need to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or the Safari browser. Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported browsers.

ProctorU does not support Google Chromebooks, Android tablets, iOS tablets, Linux operating system, and Microsoft Surface RT.

ProctorU - Technical Requirements

If you're ready to test your computer's compatibility with ProctorU, click here

To use ProctorU as an instructor, you'll first have to create an account. Here is a short tutorial: ProctorU - Creating an account

After creating an account, you will need to create exam windows for each exam. It is strongly recommended to create exam windows in ProctorU at least ONE WEEK in advance of the actual test date(s). Students need to be able to sign up for an exam session within the exam window AT LEAST 72 HOURS in advance of the actual exam date(s).

EdTech will be covering the costs of student exams, up to $65 per student per course per semester. This will cover 3 one-hour exams plus 1 two-hour exam.

Here is a short tutorial on creating or adding an exam to ProctorU: ProctorU - Adding an exam

After you've added an exam, students can connect to ProctorU to take the proctored exam, and then you'll have access to the completed exam as well as any incident reports. EdTech will be covering the cost of student exams, up to $65 per student per semester. This will cover 3 one-hour exams plus 1 two-hour exam.

EdTech has created a process for delivering/receiving exams if instructors wish to send students an exam to download and return as an uploaded file. This process MUST be done through Canvas to work properly. ProctorU - Canvas Exam Procedure

EdTech is working with ProctorU to develop a smoother process for proctoring paper-based exams through ProctorU.

ProctorU offers a “Live Launch, Record, & Review” option. This method works as follows:

  • Students log in to ProctorU.
  • A Live Proctor verifies the student’s identity and ensures that the student’s testing environment meets the instructor’s specifications, taking into account any allowed resources.
  • The Live Proctor signs off and then the student is simply recorded taking the exam. If necessary, the Live Proctor can rejoin the session to intervene if the student needs assistance, but otherwise the student is only recorded.
  • ProctorU reviews the recording and flags any potential infractions, then notifies the instructor, who can then request to review the recording on their own.
  • Recordings are reviewed by ProctorU within one week of the exam session. Recordings are stored for 30 days by ProctorU and then deleted.

You can read more about the whole process from the faculty point of view: ProctorU - How it works (for faculty)

shows the various ways students/faculty can contact ProctorU for support