Frequently Asked Questions - Online / Blended Courses

A Student's Perspective

Online and blended classes combine innovative technology with traditional coursework. These classes offer excellent opportunities for you to develop digital literacy, problem-solving, and team-building skills while providing scheduling options to help you complete your program of study. Many entering freshman, already have online learning experience from high school. Future employers expect Missouri S&T graduates to work in virtual teams, collaborate online, and take advantage of digital professional development opportunities. Taking an online or blended class in addition to face-to-face classes, gives you the best of both worlds because you'll have meaningful interactions with instructors as part of an engaging learning experiences.

Tuition for online or blended courses is the same as regular in-seat courses. Distance courses have a higher tuition.

It takes a certain kind of student to be successful in an online or blended course. Take the survey linked below to find out if you are ready to be that student!

Online and blended courses are taught by the same instructors who teach classroom-based courses on campus.

No two courses are identical. Your instructor will design courses utilizing educational technology to help you reach your learning outcomes. Each online or blended course taught at Missouri S&T will vary in its design, but will have the same rigor and expectations of those classroom-based classes. Any of your classes may use technology such as clickers (response devices), Canvas, video, online quizzes, online resources, and more. For example, the online lecture in the introductory chemistry course (Chem 1310) is taught synchronously using Adobe Connect, Canvas, and clickers as shown in the following video.

Online learning is offered in a many ways. At Missouri S&T, there are four modes of instruction; each mode may include some amount of online learning:

  1. (P) Classroom Based: The class meets face-to-face on a regular schedule for the required 750 minutes per credit hour time period. The class may meet in a classroom on campus or at an alternative physical meeting location. The class may use the Internet to accompany in-person instruction.
    • Example: Class X meets MWF at 10am in TMH 199.

  2. (B) Blended Course/Reduced Seat Time: Courses include both required classroom attendance and online instruction. Classes have substantial activity conducted over the Web, which will substitute for some classroom meetings. A portion of the 750 minutes/credit hour time period for the class is delivered via the Internet rather than in a physical classroom. It is sometimes called hybrid.
    • Example: Class Y meets MW at 10am in TMH 199 and F class time is replaced by web instruction/activities.

  3. (OS) Online Synchronous: The class is primarily online, and students must gather online at the same time regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) for ‘meetings’ via the Internet. The class may have minimal in-person meetings, like an orientation at the start of the term or the requirement for in-person, proctored exams.

  4. (OA) Online Asynchronous: The class is primarily online although it may have minimal in-person meetings, like an orientation at the start of the term or the requirement for in-person, proctored exams.

Missouri S&T has a goal of Delivering Experiential Labs to All (DELTA labs). These DELTA labs can be blended, where students complete some coursework in a traditional lab and other coursework in common areas on campus or at home, or they can be fully online, using lab kit materials, online resources, and/or video content. DELTA labs are taught by the same faculty who teach traditional labs, with the same rigor, hands-on experimentation, and safety expectations. These labs are different because they provide more flexibility for students and their busy schedules.

Missouri S&T provides many resources to help you be successful. The following links will take to you to resources designed to help regardless of the type of class you are taking.