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August 21 - Welcome to Campus!

(Freshman Faculty Forum)

  • New faculty members on campus are introduced to a wide range of campus policies and resources available to them. The Educational Technology and CERTI groups also showed what they had to offer new freshman faculty. This is the first in an ongoing, year-long process to help acclimatize freshman faculty to the S&T campus.


September 29 - Role of Non-Tenure Track Faculty at Missouri S&T

(Non-Tenure Track Faculty)

September 17 - Great Expectations: Bridging the Gap Between Instructor and Student Expectations

(Curators' Teaching Summit)

  • What do students expect of instructors? What do instructors expect of students?


October 31 - Extreme Syllabus Makeover: Goals, Objectives, Assessment Alignment

(Faculty Learning Community)

October 22 - Do All Students Learn the Same Way?

(Freshman Faculty Forum)

October 13 - Great Expectations (Time Spent Studying/Learning)

(Curators' Teaching Summit)

Instructors will gain a better understanding of their own expectations of themselves and of their students. They will discuss strategies from their peers on how to most effectively deliver those expectations to students.

October 9 - Course Organization & Social Presence

(eLearning Community of Practice)

October 3 - Extreme Syllabus Makeover

(Faculty Learning Community)

  • We looked at how to communicate expectations to your students as well as create a learner-centered Syllabus.
    • Flip Snack - Easily convert PDFs and JPEG images into an online digital book. Consider using this format for an online syllabus - See example here.
    • Use a Word newsletter or Publisher template to create a syllabus that might attract more readers - See example here.
    • Syllabus Infographic - an example of how graphics might be used in a syllabus.
    • Rate Your Syllabus - Self Assess your syllabus with this simple form and find an area you might want to revise or add.
    • Learner-Centered Syllabi - What is a Learner-Centered Syllabi? (used with permission: Kim Hosler, University of Denver)
    • In the following video, S&T students say what they would like to see in a syllabus:


November 19 - Course Design to Optimize Student Learning

(Freshman Faculty Forum)

November 12 - Great Expectations (Technology)

(Curators' Teaching Summit)