EdTech U

EdTech U is an opportunity for instructors to gain some hands-on instruction from Educational Technology staff on a small bit of technology that is troubling them. For instance, suppose an instructor would like some assistance in uploading content into a Canvas course, downloading participant lists from Canvas into TurningPoint, creating TurningPoint slides, or learning how to use Respondus. EdTech U is the place to be to learn all of these things and much, much more.

Stop by for 15 minutes. Stop by for an hour.

Drop in any time during the hours below and we will answer your questions as best as we can. Use the time as quick personal help for a single task, or as a workshop to complete a series of tasks. It is completely up to you.

LOCATION: Library, First Floor, near the cafe

HOURS: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

DAY OF THE WEEK: First Thursday of each month (except holidays, of course) during the semester.

EdTech may also offer extended hours or additional days at particular times of the semester. Stay tuned for announcements through the EDUMINE distribution list. If you are not on EDUMINE, contact EdTech (edtech@mst.edu) to be added to the list.

Have you ever wanted to learn:

  • how to capture a live class lecture?
  • how to collaborate using a Google Doc or Site?
  • more about the SMART Podiums and Boards in classrooms?
  • new ways of using clickers?
  • how to conduct virtual office hours?
  • how to conduct class when you can’t get to campus?
  • how to easily manage TurningPoint files from your office?
  • how to use the other Turning Technologies supported by EdTech? (TurningKey, ResultsManager, and TurningPoint AnyWhere)
  • what tools are available in Canvas?
  • how to use blogs and wikis?
  • how rubrics can help you and your students?
  • how to customize and personalize your Canvas courses?
  • how to archive or export a Canvas course?
  • how to make a video or screencast?
  • how to manage tests in Canvas?
  • how to use Respondus to add tests to Canvas?
  • how to use Diploma to add tests to Canvas?

Do you always forget:

  • how to make your Canvas courses available to students?
  • how to submit your grades?
  • how to find a tool in Canvas?
  • how to copy items from one Canvas course to another?
  • how to combine the enrollments for two courses?
  • how to add a Teaching Assistant to your course?
  • how to download your participant lists from Canvas into TurningPoint?
  • how students can register their clickers?
  • how to quickly check to see if student clickers are working?