Student Services

Educational Technology has developed student services to help instructors build and deliver content for their courses. Our students can assist with tasks such as ensuring the function of clicker slides, captioning videos, or preparing recorded activities for smooth internet streaming, allowing you to spend less time worrying about things like “h.264 encoding” and “XML tags” and more time sharing knowledge in your area of expertise.

Student services currently include:

Video Editing

Our students are proficient in editing video for a variety of intended uses. Whether you need titles, transitions, clipping, cleanup, or re-encoding, our students can perform the tasks necessary to prepare your video for distribution.

Video Captioning

Our students can enhance your videos with ADA-compliant real-time captioning for ESL students, visual learners, or viewers with hearing loss or impairment.

Clicker Slide Conversion

Each year versions of the classroom clicker software change, which can necessitate conversion of any clicker slides. Our students are trained in the conversion process and can modify old slides to work with the newest clicker software.

Convert Content to PowerPoint

We help instructors move content from notes to PowerPoint slides for ease of use in the classrooms.

Uploading Content into LMS

EdTech students can assist an instructor with uploading content into the learning management system (LMS). The instructor adds the student as a Course Builder, which gives them limited access to modifying content. 

IMPORTANT: Course Builders do NOT have access to the Grade Center and do NOT see student performance in a course!

We restrict this ability to students who are NOT currently taking the course in question, naturally, to prevent a conflict of interest. Students are expected to adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines (they all sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement—as do all EdTech staff—that prevents them from sharing certain privileged information they may learn as part of their duties).

If you need other help that isn’t listed, please contact EdTech. We will do our best to find a solution that works for you!