Technology Integration

The instructional technologists in Educational Technology can assist faculty with choosing the best tools for classroom instruction. Instructional technologists don’t just help instructors learn how to use technology; they help them to identify why to select a specific tool.

Why should instructors use technology to enhance instruction? Technology integration enhances the reputation of the University and raises visibility, increases and facilitates meaningful access to and interaction with renowned faculty, and helps to develop and inspire creative thinkers and leaders for life-long success. Incorporation of technology can allow instructors to:

Engage students with strategies such as:
  • Conducting formative assessment to gauge student understanding
  • Conducting virtual office hours
  • Providing opportunities for online collaboration
Empower students by:
  • Allowing students to view or review content from an alternative location (Co-op, scheduling conflict, etc.)
  • Providing accommodations for disabled students
Enhance instruction by:
  • Conducting class while away at a conference or during inclement weather
  • Incorporating supplemental materials such as videos and websites into your course
  • Providing online assignments and exams
  • Presenting guest speakers from around the world
  • Capturing your best lecture EVER for future use

For more information and how-to instructions for integrating technology into your classroom, visit the EdTech support page.