Freshman Chemistry was redesigned through a special grant courtesy of the National Center for Academic Transformation and Next Generation Learning Challenge.


Missouri S&T and UM-System offer numerous opportunities for enterprising and innovative faculty to redesign courses—and get paid for it!

Some of the programs available are described below.


The Missouri S&T eFellows Program was established to improve the learning environment while preserving and maximizing the physical learning facilities available for instruction. Collaboratively with academic departments and EdTech, support is provided for the development of courses using best practices for eLearning.


These grants are designed to provide research funding to promote teaching scholarship by examining teaching and learning practices in a faculty member's discipline in a systematic way using pedagogical research methods. The Center for Educational Research and Teaching Innovation (CERTI) and the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs provide funding for proposals that can bring measurable improvement in quality of instruction and have the potential to be transformative in nature.


University of Missouri-System (UM-System) commits significant resources to increase access to courses offered by the University of Missouri system as a whole. UM-System is collaborating with the individual campuses (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, and St. Louis) to support the development of online courses, certificates and degree programs. Faculty are invited to submit proposals to request funding for online course and program development projects, especially those that are innovative and collaborative and that leverage resources. Projects should be consistent with primary campus priorities and require Provost-level approval to ensure alignment with strategic goals.