Course Design & Redesign


Sit down with a professional instructional designer for a confidential consultation. Our team can improve your teaching practice with research-informed guidance on student learning, classroom dynamics, content delivery, course design and management, and much, much more.

Course Design Handbook

The guide on course design is a collaboration between faculty, administrators, and eLearning professionals. It includes concepts from the Sloan Consortium and Quality Matters, and has been tailored to fit the unique culture and context of Missouri S&T. It can be used to guide or assess a course design/redesign. (Our course design handbook is under revision.)

Delivering Experiential Labs To All (DELTA)

Missouri S&T strives to be a leader in how instructional labs for science and engineering courses are designed and delivered. Other institutions are attempting to transform undergraduate science and engineering programs to a blended or online delivery and are attaining mixed results and one-off solutions. DELTA labs provide the relevant information and research to build and share a handbook which includes a comprehensive set of models for redesigning instructional laboratories in any engineering and science discipline that other institutions could adopt.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The UM System's Intellectual Property Administration provides extensive information on the laws governing the creation and use of intellectual property. Whether you are conducting research, creating course material, or making a presentation to show to students, UM online can help you protect and correctly use intellectual property. Curtis Laws Wilson Library at Missouri S&T also maintains a number of useful resources with respect to copyright and intellectual property.