Sit down with a professional instructional designer for a confidential consultation. Our team can improve your teaching practice with research-informed guidance on student learning, classroom dynamics, content delivery, course design and management, and much, much more.


Learn and share the latest methods and tools by attending a workshop or joining a community.

Course Design / Redesign

Let the instructional design team assist you in developing your curriculum to meet desired outcomes. The team has over 65 combined years of experience in K-12 and higher education classrooms in a wide range of subjects, and can help you enhance your course with sound educational principles and pegagogy as well as the latest research in teaching and learning.

Mid-Semester Feedback

Mid-Semester Feedback can be a valuable tool for instructors; it can help you fine-tune your course, and help to ensure that you're meeting your own educational goals. Additionally, it's been shown in the literature that mid-semester feedback sessions lead to better instructor evaluations during end-of-semester evaluation.

Delivering Experiential Labs To All (DELTA)

Missouri S&T strives to be a leader in how instructional labs for science and engineering courses are designed and delivered. Other institutions are attempting to transform undergraduate science and engineering programs to a blended or online delivery and are attaining mixed results and one-off solutions. DELTA labs provide the relevant information and research to build and share a handbook which includes a comprehensive set of models for redesigning instructional laboratories in any engineering and science discipline that other institutions could adopt.

Teaching & Educational Research Grants

Apply for grants to fund teaching and learning research or adopt eLearning practices in your course. The instructional design team can assist you with the proposal, planning, implementation, and analysis.

Technology Integration

Our instructional technologists assist faculty with integrating current technology into the classroom to engage, empower, and enhance students' learning experiences. Technology integration couples technology with pedagogy to develop meaningful learning experiences.

Video Services

EdTech is committed to assisting instructors in creating high-quality videos for purposes of educating students. Videos can be used to advertise your course, introduce yourself to students, demonstrate new concepts, illustrate real world examples, and much, much more.

EdTech's eStudio, located in IDE 104/104A, is a multimedia workshop for the creation of online content. Faculty will find all of the equipment, software, and assistance necessary to enhance their courses with digital media.

Student Services

Our tech-savvy student workers can provide support as you implement eLearning practices. Whether you need video production, captioning, clicker slide conversions, or just authentic student opinions, our workers have the skills to turn your ideas into reality.

Learning Space Design

Classrooms are no longer the only place on campus that learning takes place. Learning now takes place wherever the learner is inspired. Educational Technology is working with faculty across campus to develop a variety of physical (and virtual) locations where students can become inspired to learn, by providing them with a comfortable environment for student-to-student interaction and surrounded by the latest in instructional technology.