TURNINGPOINT CLOUD - Getting Started (Students)

Personal response devices, a.k.a. “clickers,” are a fundamental learning tool in many S&T courses such as chemistry, calculus, and physics. “Clicker points” are tied to the gradebook in whichever learning management system, or LMS, you are using.

Before you can use clickers in a course, you will first need to create a Turning Account, redeem your license, and register your device ID for any physical clicker device you purchase.

The S&T Store and Turning Technologies both have purchasing options available for students who need a license and clicker.



  • You MUST create your account by going through Canvas.
  • You MUST be using your own S&T userid to login to Canvas. This will synchronize your Turning Account and your courses in Canvas.
  1. Login to your learning management system (Canvas http://canvas.mst.edu).
  2. Navigate to the page that will have a link that takes you to the Turning Account creation tool.
    • Canvas – Enter the Canvas Help and Resources course. Click on the Turning Account Registration link on the main page and follow the instructions.
  3. Type in your S&T email address and click Create. WARNING! You MUST type in your S&T email address to properly sync your Turning Account with Canvas!
  4. You will receive a verification email at the address you entered. Click the link in the email you receive from accounts@turningtechnologies.com.
  5. Next, select your role: I am a Participant.
  6. Type in your personal information (First Name, Last Name, etc.) and click Next.
  7. Select a password and click Next.
  8. Click Redeem a License and type in your license code.
  9. Click Register a Device to add a device ID (a 6-digit code found on the back of QT and NXT clickers).
  10. Click Finish when done!


Here are the various purchasing options available from both the S&T Store and Turning Technologies.

A “bundled” package of a QT clicker and Turning Account license is a bit cheaper if purchased from the S&T Store, while a 1-year or 2-year Turning Account license is cheaper from Turning Technologies. ResponseWare is free for use with a Turning Account license.

WARNING! Not all instructors allow the use of ResponseWare for their courses—check with your instructor before only purchasing a Turning Account license! You may also need to purchase a clicker!



S&T Store

Turning Tech*

1 year Turning Account license + QT clicker & ResponseWare



4 year Turning Account license + QT clicker & ResponseWare



1 year Turning Account license + ResponseWare only



2 year Turning Account license + ResponseWare only



3 year Turning Account license + ResponseWare only



4 year Turning Account license + ResponseWare only



* Turning Account licenses and QT clickers can be purchased from Turning Technologies at:


** The S&T Store does not offer 3 year or 4 year Turning Accounts


  • Students who purchased an NXT device are eligible to receive a $19.99 rebate with the purchase of a Turning Account license from Turning Technologies.
  • Visit http://rebates.turningtechnologies.com
  • Use Rebate Code Rmust19 and follow the onscreen instructions.

QT Device

NXT Device