A clicker, or response device, is typically a hand-held radio-frequency keypad that allows you to electronically respond to an instructor's questions. Questions can be posed through a PowerPoint-like interface or through Anywhere Polling, or through paper-based Self-Paced Polling. A clicker can also be in the form of a smart device (e.g. iPhone or Android phone) that has the appropriate app (Turning Technologies calls their app "ResponseWare"). The ResponseWare app is a download from the standard hardware clicker. Not all instructors will allow the use of ResponseWare, so check with your instructor first! ResponseWare is free for use with purchase of a TurningPoint Account license.

Clickers are available from either the S&T Store or from Turning Technologies. There are several different purchasing options available. You can purchase a "bundle" which includes a QT device, a Turning Account (1 year or 4 year license), and a ResponseWare ID. Or you can purchase a Turning Account license only, which also includes a ResponseWare ID for free.



S&T Store

Turning Tech*

1 year Turning Account license + QT clicker & ResponseWare



4 year Turning Account license + QT clicker & ResponseWare



1 year Turning Account license + ResponseWare only



2 year Turning Account license + ResponseWare only



3 year Turning Account license + ResponseWare only



4 year Turning Account license + ResponseWare only



* Turning Account licenses and QT clickers can be purchased from Turning Technologies at:


** The S&T Store does not offer 3 year or 4 year Turning Accounts

In order to really use TurningPoint Cloud, everyone must first create a Turning Account. This applies to both students and instructors. Detailed steps on how to create a Turning Account can be found HERE.

IMPORTANT: Turning Accounts MUST be created and devices registered through Canvas. Use your Missouri S&T email address to ensure that your Turning Account is properly synced with the LMS.

Details on how to get started with your clicker can be found HERE!

You register your clicker through the learning management system. Clickers MUST be registered before you can begin earning clicker points in your class! Registering your clicker associates your clicker's device ID with your S&T user account. NOTE: You only have to register your clicker in ONE course inside of the LMS. Registering your clicker for one course automatically registers the clicker with ALL courses.

Details on how to get started with your clicker can be found HERE!

Missouri S&T and other institutions have found clickers in the classroom to be effective in improving student understanding of lecture content, keeping students involved in the lecture and providing feedback to instructors to improve teaching methods.

Be sure you understand your instructor's classroom policies regarding clickers (grades, replacements, lost or forgotten clickers, etc.), as each instructor uses the technology a bit differently.  This information should be posted in the course syllabus.

Lost clickers are often turned into the local department in the building in which they are lost. After a few days, they are turned over to the Missouri S&T Police (573-341-4300). Replacement clickers can be purchased from the S&T Store. You will have to re-register your clicker in the LMS and notify your instructor(s) of your new Device ID.

If you find a clicker that doesn't belong to you, you can also turn it in to the Missouri S&T Police or the local academic deparment in the bulding in which you find the clicker.

Clickers are pretty robust, but occasionally you may encounter some issues with your clicker. In those cases, visit the Walk-in Center on the First Floor of the Library or contact the Help Desk at 573-341-4357 (online at help.mst.edu). Take care to protect your clicker from damage caused by heavy textbooks or long falls (e.g. dropping it on a hard surface), excessive heat or moisture, and strong magnetic fields.