IMPORTANT: Clicker Device IDs and ResponseWare licenses (if allowed by the instructor) MUST be registered in Canvas! Participant lists in TurningPoint Cloud are created based off student enrollments in Canvas.

Details on how students can get started using clickers can be found HERE!

Clickers, sometimes referred to as personal response systems, consist of radio-frequency transmitters (response cards that on our campus are available for purchase from the S&T Store), a portable or permanently installed classroom receiver(s), and presentation software collectively known as "TurningPoint." The instructor poses a question to the students via PowerPoint Polling (one of three different methods of polling) and the students respond using the transmitters. The responses are collected and assimilated instantly into graphical data, such as a pie or bar chart, which can be displayed back to the students.

The quick compilation of data provides two immediate benefits—efficiency and assessment. The benefits to the instructor are obvious. Electronic responses eliminate paper waste, reduce the time required to grade quizzes and provide a mechanism for taking attendance all in the matter of seconds. The data provides the instructor and student with a powerful learning/teaching assessment tool. By providing answers to questions, the instructor and student can quickly identify critical insights to individual student learning and knowledge retention.

Response system technology gives the instructor a powerful assessment tool as well as a tool that positively impacts student attention and retention of the course material.

The technology provides for the instant collection and record large numbers of student responses in a very efficient manner. Success truly rests with how the instructor incorporates the technology into class content.

Incorporating clickers does require a small investment of time at the beginning of the semester to introduce the technology as part of the course to your students, but students are generally very adept at using the technology after a few days when they become used to it.

Faculty have used this technology successfully to:

  • Save time by substituting for a paper test or quiz.
  • Save time when taking attendance.
  • Polling the class to check understanding of last night's homework with one or more questions over the key concepts.
  • Asking "muddiest point" questions.
  • Gain instant feedback on student understanding of presented material during lectures thus allowing the instructor to made adjustments to the material to be presented.
  • Have students grade peer presentations.
  • Facilitate debate sessions by providing group opinions or consensus data.

The Forced Concept Inventory (FCI) are questions designed to measure conceptual instead of computational knowledge. Thirteen of these concept inventories exists online at the Foundation Coalition. They are intended for pre- and post-testing to encourage evaluation of different teaching approaches. To prevent student access, instruments are not posted on the Web site but may be readily obtained by contacting the developer.

Faculty who teach courses not supported by the Foundation Coalition are encouraged to develop their own questions along the same style as the FCI questions.

Yes. ResponseWare is one option of allowing students from off-campus to respond to questions during class. ResponseWare can be used on mobile devices such as as smart phones as well as with traditional laptops and desktops. However, since the respondents are not physically present in the classroom, some faculty may be reluctant to allow students to use ResponseWare for answering questions (there is always a possibility of cheating—though that possibility exists for in-class students as well, particularly for large-section courses).

The Educational Technology team and the Center for Educational Research & Teaching Innovation (CERTI) can both help you initiate the use of clickers in your classes.  However, in order to use clickers successfully, there are some things that need to be done first. Consulting with EdTech and CERTI first will ensure that implementing the use of clickers in the classroom will go as smoothly as possible.

TurningPoint Cloud has a feature called "Polling Test" that allows you to check clickers to make sure that they are sending information to the receiver. Step-by-step directions on how to test clickers is available HERE.