TEGRITY - View Recording

Tegrity allows the instructor to record any activity on his/her screen as well as any lecture given in front of his/her computer. This program can be used to enhance learning for distance, blended, and on-campus courses. Lecture recordings captured by Tegrity are archived; therefore the students can view them at any time. Students can also add bookmarks to any point of the video that they might have a question or comment about. Instructors can add bookmarks as well.

IMPORTANT: In order to view a Tegrity recording, you will need to have Windows Media Player plug-in installed in your browser. The browser you are using will prompt you to install the WMP plug-in. Follow the directions for installing the plug-in. You will need to have administrator privileges on the machine in which you are installing the WMP plug-in.

Viewing a Tegrity Recording

  1. Click on the arrow next to the class that you would like to view.


  2. Click the thumbnail of the video that you would like to view. NOTE: Tegrity adds its own thumbnail videos based on the activity onscreen while it records. This makes it easy to find specific points within the longer video.


  3. Use the breadcrumb trail navigation to return to the list of videos.