TEGRITY - TurningPoint Workaround

Tegrity and TurningPoint Cloud are not 100% compatible. Here is a known issue:

When a user attempts to run Tegrity and TurningPoint Cloud simultaneously, TurningPoint Cloud WILL lock-up in a infinite loop IF any of the clicker slides have been set up so that they graphs are tied to Excel. By default, TurningPoint Cloud, which is a plug-in to Microsoft Office, will try to use Excel as the foundation for creating the charts and graphs. Excel is essentially running as a background process while you run through your clicker slides. Tegrity interferes with this process and causes TurningPoint Cloud to "flash" an Excel spreadsheet briefly on the screen in an infinite loop whenever polling is closed on a slide.

EdTech has found a workaround, however, which may allow you to use Tegrity and TurningPoint Cloud simultaneously.

  1. Open TurningPoint Cloud and launch a presentation in PowerPoint Polling. TurningPoint *may* prompt you to up-convert pre-existing slides to Excel charts.
    • NOTE: If you say "NO," then TurningPoint Cloud should work normally.
  2. If slides have already been up-converted to Excel (in a new presentation or in a presentation that has already been modified), follow these steps:
    1. Delete the existing chart on the slide. (You can keep the question and responses—just delete the chart.)
    2. Insert a new chart of the same type. IMPORTANT: Be sure that "Use Excel" is NOT selected when inserting a new chart.
    3. Save the presentation.
    4. You will need to delete/insert charts on EACH clicker-slide of the presentation.

Once you've deleted the existing charts and then inserted new charts.