TEGRITY - Show Chapters

Tegrity automatically breaks each recording into sections. These sections, which are called chapters, allow the user to choose which portion of the video he or she wishes to watch.

Show Chapters

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Navigate to the course that contains the Tegrity recording.
  3. Click Tegrity Classes in the course menu.
  4. Click the arrow icon showchapters-03 next to the class which contains the video in which you would like to view chapters.


  5. This will show the various clips. Click on any video clip to begin playback.


  6. The recording will automatically begin. In the lower left-hand corner you will see the menu shown below. Inside that menu you will see a button that has multiple squares on it. Click that button.

  7. You will now see multiple squares on your screen. These are different clips of the recording. Choose the clip that fits your needs by clicking on it. NOTE: If your video is really short you will only see one clip.