TEGRITY - Share Recording Link

Once a Tegrity recording has been created, you have a few options on how you can share that content with students or other people who may be interested in viewing the recording. One way to share the recording is to have Tegrity create a shareable link for you. You can then post the link on a webpage, send it through email, or share it via social media outlets. Additionally, it is possible to get embed code that will allow you to add the entire recording directly to a webpage. In this way, you can have an entire course's worth of videos all contained with a single webpage. Either through a set of links or through embedded videos.

IMPORTANT: In order to share a Tegrity recording to users outside of the learning management system, it is first necessary to publish the recording, then modify the recording settings to allow anonymous users.

Share Recording Link

  1. Select video. NOTE: Video must already be published.


  2. Mouse-over the Recording Tasks drop-down menu and select Share Recording.


  3. Uncheck Do not allow anonymous users to view the recording.


  4. You can now access the recording from the URL given. Copy and paste the URL into a browser address bar or email the link to others. Click OK when finished. NOTE: The Embed code can be copied and pasted into the <body></body> tags of a web page’s HTML code. If several videos are to be shared outside of the learning management system, it is possible to embed multiple Tegrity recordings within a single web page. Then the URL for that web page can be shared with multiple people.