TEGRITY - Record Class

Tegrity allows the instructor to record any activity on his/her screen as well as any lecture given in front of his/her computer. This program can be used to enhance learning for distance, blended, and on-campus courses. Lecture recordings captured by Tegrity are archived; therefore the students can view them at any time. Students can also add bookmarks to any point of the video that they might have a question or comment about. Instructors can add bookmarks as well.

Recording a Class

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Navigate to a course in which you want to record a Tegrity session.
  3. Click Tegrity Classes in the cours menu. Tegrity should open a new window/tab.
  4. Click Start a Recording.


  5. Click Settings.


  6. Click on the drop-down menu for Default audio source and select the appropriate option.


  7. Click Save and Close.
  8. Make sure Instructor Video is checked, and then click Record. NOTE: If Webcast is checked, users will be able to view your recording live, as you are recording it. However, the video which the user will see is delayed slightly. Webcast must be enabled in the Tegrity Course Settings.


  9. If you have multiple monitors for your computer, Tegrity will ask you which monitor to use for the recording. Select the monitor you wish to use for the recording and then click Record this Monitor.


  10. Click OK.


  11. Your class will then begin recording.
  12. Click the STOP  button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen when you are finished recording.


  13. Click the radio button to select Upload (in the background) and then click Yes. NOTE: How long it takes for the recording to be uploaded will depend on how long the recording is.


WARNING! Do NOT shut down a computer once the uploading has begun in the background. Shutting down the computer WILL cause the upload to freeze. You'll have to contact EdTech to resolve this issue on the backend. You CAN, however, LOG OUT of a machine and the upload will continue in the background, even if someone else has logged in to the computer.