TEGRITY - Manage Settings

When recording a class through Tegrity it may be necessary to set up the video and audio recording devices if the computer does not automatically detect the proper device.

Managing Video and Audio Settings

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Navigate to the course in which you want to start a Tegrity session.
  3. Click Tegrity Classes in the course menu.
  4. Click Start a Recording. The Tegrity Recorder window should open.


  5. Click Settings.


  6. Speak into your microphone; if there is no movement in the audio bar to the right of the video, then you will need to click the drop down menu next to Default audio source and then select the proper audio device. The bar will fill up with green color if there is sound detected by the microphone. NOTE: For best performance, try to keep the audio from going too high into the red. If necessary, adjust the distance between you and the microphone.


  7. If a webcam is plugged in, there should be a live feed of the webcam footage visible on the left of the window in the place of the S&T logo. If there is no video feed present, click the drop down menu below Video settings and select the proper video device.


  8. Once you have finished modifying the audio and video settings, click Save and Close and continue on to record your class.