TEGRITY - Annotations

Tegrity provides an annotation feature that allows you to place emphasis on certain areas of the recording—via the pen tool—during the recording process. You can draw shapes, circle objects, and select colors to differentiate areas of interest. All of the annotations you make will be recorded during the screen capture process.

Annotation Feature

You will need to be within the Tegrity window to annotate a Tegrity recording.

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Navigate to the course in which you would like to record a Tegrity session.
  3. Select Tegrity Classes from the course menu.
  4. Click Start a Recording.


  5. Choose the settings you normally would to begin recording a class. Then, once the recording begins click on the small arrow on the lower right side of the screen to expand the options available.


  6. Click on the Annotation Tools button—it looks like a pen.


  7. You will see a new menu appear above the pen icon. This gives the user a series of options for their annotation tool. Choose whichever one(s) you need and begin annotating.



    Annotation tool – allows the user to draw an annotation with a freestyle pen, circle, or square.


    Annotation width – select a different line width for annotations.


    Annotation color – select a different color for annotations.


    Lasso – allows the user to select an existing annotation and modify it. If no annotations have been drawn yet, selecting the lasso tool will automatically select the pen tool instead.


    Erase – erase a single annotation drawn on the screen.


    Erase All – erases all annotations drawn on the screen.

NOTE: If you navigate the focus of your computer (click on a window) that is not located on the screen being recorded, all annotations will be erased.