Tegrity Lecture Capture

Tegrity is a lecture capture application compatible with Canvas. It allows instructors to record and archive their lectures in real-time, then make them available for students to review later. Both students and instructors can add bookmarks to the archived recording (in real-time, if necessary) to make it easier to find points within the presentation that need additional clarification or explanation. 

Tegrity apps are available for both iPhone and Android-based devices to allow students to review Tegrity recordings at their leisure.


  • Tegrity and TurningPoint are NOT 100% compatible! TurningPoint graphs that use Excel (which is enabled by default in TurningPoint) will cause TurningPoint to "lock-up" if Tegrity is running simultaneously. If you plan on running a TurningPoint clicker session at the same time as a Tegrity recording session, you MUST read about this workaround that is necessary for TurningPoint Cloud to function!
  • Tegrity requires a Windows Media Plug-in (WMP) for your browser. For that reason, Internet Explorer often works better for viewing Tegrity recordings on campus machines. IT is in the process of upgrading campus machines with WMP for Mozilla Firefox.

IMPORTANT: You MUST login to Tegrity through a Canvas course. Tegrity will allow you to logout of the Tegrity window, but in order to log back in, you will have to go in through a Canvas course (the Tegrity Classes button in the course menu). If you attempt to log back in through the Tegrity login screen, you will recieve the message, "Login failed. Try again."