Adobe Connect is a web conference program for web meetings, eLearning activities, and webinars. It is used at S&T to host the Chemistry 1 online section. It is also used for instructors who want to engage in other online learning activities for smaller sections of students.

Meetings within an Adobe Connect room involve three different roles: Host, Presenter, and Participant (either registered or guest).

Hosts – Set up a meeting (with help from IT), invite guests, add content, and edit layouts of a meeting room. They can also promote other participants to the role of host or presenter and give enhanced permissions to room participants. Hosts have the greatest amount of control over the permissions of a room (outside of an Adobe Connect administrator).

Presenters – Share content that has already been loaded into the room. They can also share content from their local computer or network file storage space. They can share their screen with all attendees, chat, and broadcast live audio and video.

Participants – These are the general attendees within an Adobe Connect meeting room. Participants can be Registered to attend the meeting room, or simply Guests. Registered attendees will need a userid and password to attend the meeting room and this is usually provided by the Host when the room is created. Guests, on the other hand, can simply enter the room by typing in their name (or preferred monicker) and selecting the “Guest” option on the login screen.

NOTE: Most Adobe Connect meeting rooms created at Missouri S&T only require Guest access and are therefore available to anyone who knows the URL for the meeting room.