IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are teaching in a CLC and will need specialty software installed, then you will need to request the software in the semester PRIOR to the semester in which the software will be used.

EdTech sends out several announcements to the EDUMINE list (all instructors should be on this list) describing the CLC software request process.

Contact EdTech for more details on requesting software in a CLC.

All technology-enhanced classrooms are equipped with an instructor desktop workstation. These systems are Windows 7 machines that are fully supported by Information Technology. They all have our classroom-standard build of applications and utilities.

In some instances, instructors have needed to use/demonstrate specialty software in a classroom. In those instances, the best solution is as follows:

  • Contact the Help Desk to have the specialty software installed on your office computer. Note that licensing issues may apply when installing software that is not covered by a campus-wide license.
  • Use Remote Desktop from the classroom computer to your office computer. This gives you the best chance that you will be able to access the specialty software, no matter what classroom in which you are teaching.

If the above steps are NOT sufficient to meet your needs, then please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

Instructor stations are also connected to at least one multimedia projector (some classrooms and CLCs have more than one). Use the AMX panel or EZTrol panel to turn on the projector.

You can login to the instructor station using your S&T userid and password.

All technical support for computers on campus is handled through the IT Help Desk .